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Why wait for a Buyer’s Home Inspector to uncover hidden problems?

With a home pre-inspection, sellers have the opportunity to address any defects an inspector might find & have them repaired before a possible buyer even sees the house. That gives you & the seller peace of mind & eliminates the possibility that repairs will be a negotiating tool for the buyers.

Additional Benefits:

  • A pre-inspection is an effective selling tool, reassuring buyers that what they see is what they get. It also eliminates the buyer-beware attitude & can speed up      negotiations between buyer & seller.
  • A pre-listing inspection enhances the likelihood of a successful closing while creating a feeling of honesty & trust since the Seller has disclosed, concessed      or repaired all the necessary items.
  • Another seller benefit is that the items needing professional attention can be corrected at a time that fits their schedule & at a more reasonable price since      the costly rush charges associated with repairing these items as a      consequence of the buyer’s inspection are avoided.
  • We have been providing our services to area Real Estate Agents for years & we would love to answer any questions that you may have regarding how we can assist you.

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