On-Site Technician Program

WE generally recommend an on-site technician program (OSTP) in place for our clients who anticipate a need of at least 1,200 hours of service per year.

Here are a few of the reasons this makes good business sense:

#1 Smarter Preventive Maintenance
Having a good on-site technician allows D & D Services of Virginia to proactively maintain customer systems and address issues before they become problems. The technician can work smarter, forecasting labor and equipment needs, and schedule repair and maintenance to avoid overtime and rush shipping expenses.

#2 Immediate availability
When a technician is on-site, no time is wasted traveling to a customer. The OST can immediately get the situation under control before it becomes a huge problem.
Also, customers can speak directly about their concerns to someone who is familiar with the site, rather than trying to track down their technician over the phone.
Our OSTs often become key members of a customer’s team and build lasting relationships with them.

#3 Program costs
Establishing an OSTP doesn’t require any significant expenditures, only the dedication to look for creative solutions for your site’s maintenance.
The costs of running an OSTP are usually similar to providing traditional preventive maintenance service, Customers pay less overall for technician time due to the fact their is less travel, vehicle, dispatching, and support overhead.

#4 Peace Of Mind
While you might find two customers with similar facilities and systems, it’s rare that they will have the same service needs. We Start every customer proposal from scratch and make no rule about how OSTP must be structured. We work with customers to determine what their needs are and such variables as the number of days the OST would be needed, the level of experience of the technician, and the OST’s service responsibilities.
D & D Services of Virginia has a six year training program in place for all of it’s technicians. Supplementary training can be accessed through third parties to meet special requests, such as maintaining uninterrupted power sources (UPS), and specialized plumbing and electrical concerns, Customer and facility requirements determine the type and amount of training required.
Other customers may want our technicians to manage their employees who maintain specialized building services. Overall, the key to a successful OSTP is that it must be a partnership between D & D Services of Virginia and the customer with the goal of meeting the service needs.